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Most retail professionals recognize the significant value in-store demo events can bring to the success of their businesses. More in store demos bring more shoppers to your stores, keeps them in longer, and raises sales per customer transaction. However, many retailers also experienced the complexity and massive time and money investment coordinating in store demos without realizing expected returns. That is why we developed this collaborative marketplace where CPG brands, physical retailers, brokers, distributors, demo agencies, and freelance brand ambassadors can actively participate in the coordination of in-store demo events to make them flawless.

The common goal is to provide shoppers with an excellent experience that will inspire them to become loyal customers of the retailer and the CPG brand that sponsors this experience for years to come. When the demo investment generates an excellent return, all supporting "actors" benefit from repeat business and increased product sales volume.

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This is how Automated in-store Demo Scheduling Software Works

Participating retailers display available space and time for in store demonstrations of products in their stores via Demo Wizard portal where vendor demo coordinators can submit a demo request for the store management  approval.

A designated store staff member reviews all requests for their store or entire chain once a day at their convenience. Since the marketplace is web-based, the staff member can review these requests in the stores, at home, or on their mobile device—no more interruptions.

The store demo requests contain all the details retailers need to decide whether they want to approve the request, including the complete requester's contact information, product codes, sample cost assignments, etc. That is why approval or denial of a request by the retailer's staff member takes under a minute —no more time wasted going back and forth to gather information.

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When a request for an in-store demo is approved, the Demo Wizard automatically notifies the requestor, the store buyer to order sufficient product inventory, the distributor supplying this product, and the assigned brand ambassador. Each has access to the platform and their event calendars to ensure that everybody is aware of and ready to support the upcoming event. Store guest management, social media, and marketing teams can access the chain's in-store demo calendar to help promote it to shoppers - No more wasted sales opportunities.

Following the demo, the brand ambassador is requested to utilize the portal to generate a complete but straightforward post-demo report with information crucial for the CPG brand in calculating the ROI for the event and for the retailer in determining the product's potential for success in the store. The retailer's staff member is asked to collate this information with pre-and post-event average product sales for multiple events to provide the category manager with data for short- to medium-term ROI evaluations.

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Vendors will conduct more demos in your store because it only takes 45 seconds to request a demo with Demo Wizard.​

More demos in your store will bring in more shoppers and keep them there longer. 72% of consumers purchase groceries in under 45 minutes. At the same time, the average American consumer will spend $42.07 on groceries per trip. When shoppers stay longer in your stores, it translates into higher average spending per store visit.

Better quality of in-store demo execution creates a better experience for your store customers and engages more shoppers to discover new products for them. Discovery and engagement turn shopping from a chore to fun, brings them to the store more frequently and inspires them to share their experience with other consumers.

Over 94% of participating stores approve the requests within 48 hours. For the requests that are declined, the reason and suggested corrections are provided via email. No calls are required, and no prime demo time is wasted waiting on hold.

Demo Wizard online workflow quickly matches desired stores, acceptable dates and times, and available Brand Ambassadors in a fraction of your current time.

Demo Wizard collects and coordinates all communications among involved parties, tracks and confirms progress, and tracks changes in an event's status to improve the CPG experience:

  • Schedule
  • BA Confirmation,
  • Inventory Confirmation in Store and
  • After Demo Report

Customer engagement has become a bit of a buzzword in the digital marketing space. Still, traditional retailers shouldn't be too quick to forget the original kind of customer engagement experience – in-store product demos and sampling events.

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Although brick-and-mortar retail sales have been slower in recent years due to the rise of online ordering and the pandemic, retailers are finding success in attracting in-store customers once again by leveraging intelligent promotion management software, diligent planning, and in-store marketing opportunities.

Demo Wizard is the ultimate store sampling & demonstration management platform for brick-and-mortar retailers and CPG vendors.