Store Sampling Strategy

Automated Scheduling Brings More Vendors
To Sponsor In-Store Demo Events At Your Stores

Participating retailers display available space and time for in store demonstrations of products in their stores via Demo Wizard portal where vendor demo coordinators can submit a demo request for the store management  approval.

Store personnel reviews ALL requests for their store once a day at their convenience. In the stores, at home, or on their mobile device - No more interruptions.

Vendors will conduct more demos in your store because it takes them only 45 seconds to request a demo with Demo Wizard.​

Over 94% of the requests are approved within 48 hours. For the requests that are declined, the reason and suggested corrections are provided via email. No calls are required - No prime demo time is wasted for waiting on hold.
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Demo Wizard online workflow quickly matches desired stores, acceptable dates and times, and available Brand Ambassadors in a fraction of the time you spend now.

Demo Wizard collects and coordinates all communications among involved parties, tracks and confirms progress and changes in Status to improve CPG experience:
  • Schedule
  • BA Confirmation,
  • Inventory Confirmation in Store and
  • After Demo Report
No more wasted sales opportunities.
Click on the link to schedule online demonstration of Demo Wizard
Customer engagement is something that’s become a bit of a buzzword in the digital marketing space, but traditional retailers shouldn’t be too quick to forget the original kind of customer engagement experience – in-store product demo and samplings events. 

Although brick-and-mortar retail sales has been slower in recent years due to the rise of online ordering and the pandemic, retailers are finding success in attracting in-store customers once again through the use of intelligent promotion management software, diligent planning and in-store marketing opportunities. .
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