Participating retailers display available space and time for in store demonstrations of products in their stores via Demo Wizard portal where vendor demo coordinators can submit a demo request for the store management  approval.

Store personnel reviews ALL requests for their store once a day at their convenience. In the stores, at home, or on their mobile device - No more interruptions.

Vendors will conduct more demos in your store because it takes them only 45 seconds to request a demo with Demo Wizard.​

Over 94% of the requests are approved within 48 hours. For the requests that are declined, the reason and suggested corrections are provided via email. No calls are required - No prime demo time is wasted for waiting on hold.
Demo Wizard online workflow quickly matches desired stores, acceptable dates and times, and available Brand Ambassadors in a fraction of the time you spend now.

Demo Wizard collects and coordinates all communications among involved parties, tracks and confirms progress and changes in Status to improve CPG experience:
  • Schedule
  • BA Confirmation,
  • Inventory Confirmation in Store and
  • After Demo Report
No more wasted sales opportunities.