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In the intensely competitive market of the current times, brick-and-mortar retailers have it the hardest: They not only have to worry about competing with other retailers but also face off against the rising tide of e-commerce stores. In such a cutthroat environment, brick-and-mortar stores need to do everything they can to set themselves apart and create a uniquely memorable experience so they may continue to attract new customers and retain their old ones. That is where in-store demos can make a huge difference and why they have become a key component of most retailers' promotional marketing strategies.

In-store demos can go a long way in helping a retailer improve customer experience, thereby boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

Scheduling and coordinating multiple store sampling events effectively can be a logistical nightmare, not to mention the amount of time and resources spent making it all happen. Production of an effective in store demo requires an assembly of a virtual team focused on this specific event with members, many from different organizations outside your own:
Merchandising Coordinator
Product distributor
Store Marketing
Brand field marketing
Brand Ambassador
Store buyer
Store Guests Service, etc.
Each “team” member plays an important role; if any will drop the ball, the entire effort will be a waste of money and a selling opportunity. Even worse, the event could produce a negative experience for the store guests, who would spread the word that your store is not a pleasant place to visit.

In-store sampling and demo events are a time-tested and entertaining method for CPG Brands to engage with shoppers, spread the word about your products, win new customers and boost sales at a surprisingly low customer acquisition cost.

Your chances to get shelf space for your brand at good retail locations are greatly improved when you offer a retailer a well-planned sampling campaign to promote your products there. Savvy retailers understand the value of customer experience and the role it plays in bringing more shoppers to the stores. Smart retailers understand and appreciate that a brand’s sponsorship of store samplings improves the experience of customers in their stores. Jump-starting initial sales performance with a well-produced and executed in-store demo campaign will position your brand up for a preferential review by the retail buyers and can greatly increase the trial outcome as well as lead to store-front expansion into additional stores.

Demo Wizard software was used by hundreds of brands in different stages of their development to leverage their penetration into traditional retail stores, increase sales and, in the process, strengthen their relationships with their retail customers.

Demo Wizard software synchronizes host (retail store), vendor (sponsor), buyers, and brand ambassador calendars around a single demo event effortlessly which empowers the support teams of retail marketers, distributors, and brokers to promote and produce a flawless (customer) experience for the guests of the Retailer.

Demo Wizard software automates all workflows necessary to ensure that these events are produced consistently without a glitch at scale - in multiple stores, for multiple sponsors, at multiple dates, times, and locations within each store.

Demo Wizard software automates the management of vendor commitment fees to virtually eliminate no-show demos that frustrate buyers with superfluous inventory ordered for such events.

Demo Wizard enables the promotion of upcoming demos on social media and Retailer websites to invite customers for experiencing the promoted products, as well as complimentary ones.
Demo Wizard software provides automated reporting for brand ambassadors and store personnel for tracking the sales and experiences of customers. The reports are used to power insightful analytics for Retail category managers and Brand managers.

Demo Wizard software automates payment management for demo services performed by in-house brand ambassadors or designated demo companies.

Most importantly, Demo Wizard Software empowers CPG Brands and Retailers to deliver outstanding Customer Experience that begets Word of Mouth Marketing, the most effective method for customer acquisition and retention.

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