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We see in-store product demos as a critical part of retail marketing strategy, that consistently generates consumer demand, helps to raise revenue and improves in-store customer experience.
To us an in-store product demo is so much more than an occasional promotional event to sell off “dead” inventory, or to introduce a new product to a few hesitant shoppers. It is a building block that grows relationships between retailers, customers, vendors and producers.
Our software is designed to support this strategy of partnership between
Brick and Mortar Retailers, CPG Vendors and Brand Ambassadors.
It is the ultimate tool for selling more products, raising traffic in stores, and boosting sales per customer transaction
Brick and Mortar stores face competitive challenges to retain and grow customer traffic and to increase sales in retail locations. Organized, consistent and scheduled stream of in store sampling events create inviting customer experience that brings shoppers to the stores more often and keeps them there longer.
Well executed Demo crates excellent Customer Experience that generates powerful Word=of-Mouth Marketing impact. The result is more traffic in your stores and more revenue from sales of the products,Customer
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Product Vendors focus on getting their products on the retail shelves…next to the dozens of similar products from their competitors. You know that your product is better, but the consumers may not notice or remember your great packaging or clever printed messages. Nothing sells more effectively than experience. Well planned and executed experiential marketing campaign converts shoppers into customers with low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

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In-store demo coordinators can produce a lot more demos per month when they use Demo Wizard
In-store sampling event management agencies play a very critical role in a successful retail marketing strategy. The best performing ones are usually very small businesses because they are very hard to grow without a loss of quality. Their clients rarely appreciate the complexity of managing a seemingly simple business, and the overhead required to recruit, train, manage and retain the best brand ambassadors.
No selling opportunities wasted when in-store demos are coordinated with Demo Wizard
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That's what people say about Demo Wizard

Retail Marketing is much easier using Demo Wizard to coordinate in-store sampling campaigns
“We have a lot more demos since Demo Wizard and they run more smoothly since everyone is in communication. I can even approve demos on my days off from my phone. Its great!"
Brand Marketing managers love to use Demo Wizard to schedule in-store sampling events without wasting time
Pamela Plunkett,
Field Marketing Manager
Sonoma Creamery
​“Setting demos with Demo Wizard became so much easier and less time consuming than it used to be. I only wish more stores use it to manage their scheduling."
Brand Ambassadors love to use Demo Wizard for their availability scheduling and in-store demo reporting
Amit Patel
Independent Brand Ambassador
​“Store employees are rarely surprised now​to see me coming to do a demo. Thanks to Demo Wizard everybody knows about it. ​Shortage of products to sell during a demo is no longer a problem either."