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CPG Brand Field Marketing Software for In Store Sampling

There's nothing that converts a shopper into a paying customer faster than an experience with your product. In-Store Sampling is one of the most effective examples of Experiential Marketing.

In-store demo and brand activation campaigns produce the best CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) results, and Demo Wizard helps to reduce costs of coordination and management which increases Field Marketing ROI ​even further.

Demo Wizard is a data-driven in-store sampling field marketing software. It helps CPG brand builders and product vendors lower the cost of event coordination by managing every step of the workflows that go into making an effective in-store demo.

The data, accumulated from post-demo reports, is aggregated and automatically transformed into actionable intelligence to help schedule more events in the better stores at better times on better days of the week. That results in a higher average E2P (Experience to Purchase) ratio and an even higher return on your marketing investment.

Demo Wizard Management Analytics

The schedule maker makes it easy for emerging brands to go from doing a few demos a month to doing hundreds without hiring more demo coordinators or field marketing managers.

Demo Wizard has simple to understand and execute features:

The SUBMIT AVAILABILITY functionality eliminates back and forth calling and emailing between the coordinators and brand ambassadors while scheduling the events.
Users indicate their availability for assignments before the team leader starts to schedule.

The ONLINE REPORTING feature enables users to communicate important information about store’s traffic, product inventory and customer engagement with each other online. It saves time and money.
More to it, you can use the platform to emphasize a point through photos, customer comments, and receipts.

The air-tight, but user-friendly reporting process helps brand ambassadors to focus on specifics of the event as defined by the management. That allows and promotes information sharing between users in a fast and efficient way. The data collected by brand ambassadors in post demo reports is available for export and analysis. It is invaluable for planning future campaigns helping to pinpoint the best stores on the best days and best times to promote your products

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Do your Brand Ambassadors have issues organizing their time? The Demo Wizard’s CALENDAR feature will wow them. Never again will they miss an opportunity to increase their income. It helps brand ambassadors to get more in-store sampling event assignments which allows them to earn more money.

And since we are talking about their money - Demo Wizard keeps tabs on brand ambassadors’ earnings and expenses per event, as well as validation of their attendance. That information, along with the payment status is communicated to the brand ambassadors automatically online and eliminates a need for calling with questions like “how come I was not paid for…?”.

Demo Wizard is the best tool for Product Vendors who want to focus on:

Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC), one of the most important and closely tracked indicators for CPG brand builders, is highest for retailers who deliver a better customer experience.

  • expanding their brick and mortar stores coverage
  • engaging more shoppers to experience their products
  • spending more time selling instead of managing

Taking these steps will increase customer engagement, brand awareness, increase sales at specific locations, and build your brand value among local communities. Demo Wizard offers the best tool to achieve these goals. Many Brands trust our platform to manage their ​ in-store demo product demonstration campaigns ​ in brick and mortar stores.

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