We bring more store sampling events to your stores, driving uplift in shopper traffic, customer experience, and revenue

​This online platform liberates store personnel from the endless disruptions by vendors and product demonstrators, who call and email to schedule and coordinate in store sampling events.

Demo Wizard automatically generates a store centric calendar of the approved promotional events and makes it accessible online to any or all store personnel. Everybody knows when to expect a brand ambassador in the store and when to order additional merchandise for expected sales uplift. That helps to coordinate stores marketing activities from the social media postings to special events management and bring even more customers into the stores which driving uplift in traffic.
  • No installation or implementation required -  this promotional scheduling of demo events can be activated for your store immediately.  Just let us know who has the authority to approve product demo requests and names of your buyers.
  • Demo Wizard will notify hundreds of product vendors that your stores are open for automated scheduling and you will see the requests flowing in.
  • Simplicity for Store Personnel and Vendors - self explanatory design, online support and explanation videos.
  • Complete control over Who, When and Where demonstrating the products in your stores. Multiple demo stations management per store. Block times for specific time periods.
  • Contact us for activation details now, and start growing your sales tomorrow.
Demo Wizard helps stores to host more in-store samplings with less effort
Demo Wizard is the best scheduling app that supports multiple demo hosting strategies.

You can open your in-store sampling calendar to product vendors, event management companies, in-store demo companies and independent brand ambassadors OR you can limit it to product vendors to use only your store designated and approved brand ambassadors. You can ‌ require product vendors to pay a small commitment fee upon approving their demo request to avoid no-shows and last minute cancellations OR can generate additional revenue by charging vendors the full cost of the completely managed and professionally staffed event. Vendors get detailed post-demo sales reports enabled by Demo Wizard to measure the sales impact of their investment and calculate their cost of customer acquisition and brand awareness.

Demo Wizard can handle billing, collection management and transfer automatically.
The modern retail marketing strategy isn't restricted to the 4Ps of marketing; instead, it focuses on delivering the ultimate customer experience to keep those shoppers coming. Demo scheduling software, in-store sampling, and promotional scheduling can help you win the retail sales game while delighting and engaging your customers better than ever before.

Online promotional schedule outlines the specific marketing initiatives your retail store will undertake during the coming year. Having the entire team on the same page eliminates missed deadlines or forgotten ideas, while keeping the store staff, managers, and marketers constantly updated.

The retail industry has become extremely competitive. Consequently, for the company to better manage its promotions, it's essential to establish an in store sampling scheduling model that maximizes ROI. Studies show that an efficient promotion calendar increases sales in stores by 4% and returns on investment by 14% .