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Bring More Traffic To Your Stores And Sell More Products With Automatically Coordinated In-Store Sampling Campaigns

Traditional brick and mortar retailers and independent grocers use Demo Wizard promotional scheduling software to get more shoppers to their stores, maximize utilization of their floor space for in store demos and improve their customer experience.

Product vendors and ​in store demo companies use Demo Wizard software to simplify scheduling to produce more effective selling events with lower coordination overhead. More store sampling events - more sales.

In-Store Sales Accelerator
for  Vendors

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Automated In-Store Sampling Event Scheduling
Online Demo Recap Reporting
Brand Ambassador Availability Management
Multi Shift scheduling
Event Coordination Workflows
Calendars Synchronization
Automated Reminders
Geolocation attendance verification
Brand Ambassador compensation management and reporting
Samples and travel expenses management
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In-store Demo Management Solution

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Unlimited Demo Booking Requests from Vendors.
Multiple Demo Stations per store
Multi-user/Multi-role web based platform
Automated Vendor and Demo Request Approval flow
Automated Reminders and Verifications
Commitment fee/"No Show" Management
Detailed Post Demo Reporting
Role centric web calendars of events
Vendor Reputation and Performance Management
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In-Store Marketing Solution for Brokers & Demo Companies

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Clients/Brands Management
Brand Ambassadors Management
We gurantee confidentiality of BA information
Automated campaign/projet Console
Multiple Regions/Multiple Retail Chains management
Client Centric Portals with access to events calendars and reports
Brand Ambassadors Performance Analytics
Stores Traffic Analytics
Client Invoicing and AP management
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If you sell products that can be experienced by shoppers in brick and mortar stores before they buy it, the in-store sampling event is the most effective method to promote them and boost your sales immediately. In-store demos have been known to increase sales by as much as 2,000 percent. In-store demos do not only result in short-term sales spikes; there are also other advantages. The new consumers they introduce to your brand often become loyal, long-term clients.

Demo Wizard helps to build your brand experience one customer interaction at a time. We believe a face to face customer interaction can be more effective than a click, a banner ad or an average position on a Google search. Building a brand or customer demand for your product is much more than catching someone's eyeballs. Innovations of e-commerce used to improve CPG experience marketing and overall customer experience are greatly appreciated by all, but humans are social animals and a personal, tactile experience with a product cannot be replaced digitally ... yet. Here is where we come in.

We exist to help product vendors, field marketing managers and brand builders take the headache out of scheduling and managing in-store demos.

Done right, in-store demos grow revenue far more effectively and efficiently compared to traditional advertising.

The most effective way to convert more shoppers into paying customers is through a well-executed in-store demonstration campaign.

However, the logistics of promotional scheduling, planning and managing the people and processes involved in an effective demo campaign are often manual, time consuming and expensive.

That’s where we come in. Demo Wizard provides a simple, but powerful workflow specifically designed to simplify logistics of coordination of experiential marketing events. That means you can run more demos, and spend less time making them happen. That translates into growing your product sales faster than the rise of the cost of selling them. Demo Wizard is the tool for enabling effective customer experience marketing campaigns efficiently planned and executed. We will bring more traffic to your stores and help to sell more products with our automatically coordinated in store sampling campaigns.