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Increase Sales Per Customer Visit by Focusing on Shoppers Engagement and Customer Experience

High retail marketing solution fueled by vendors' marketing budgets

Every retailer wants to see more shoppers come to their stores, increase sales per square foot, and higher sales per customer visit. The simplest and least expensive method to accomplish these goals is to improve shoppers' engagement and customer experience through the consistent hosting of in-store demo events.  

Demo Wizard is a simple yet powerful solution specifically designed to simplify the logistics of hosting and coordinating in-store experiential marketing events. When incorporated into your retail marketing strategy, this solution enables you to run more demos more often in multiple locations while spending much less time managing details.  

This translates into increased traffic, higher sales per ticket, and improved inventory turnover.

How much does it cost?

Control Demo traffic in your stores systematically

Automated Vendors demo access control

Vendors are approved by the store before they are able to request space and time for a sampling event. The store can ban a vendor from making any future requests.

Demo requests approval flow based on store rules and requirements.

No disruption of store employees by vendor phone calls or emails to schedule a demo.

Organize Market Days and other events effortlessly

Invite vendors to participate in the events

Support for multiple demo stations per store

Control of every station’s availability calendar and product categories allowed

Minimize “No-Show” occurrences

Automated commitment fee charged to vendors upon approval of their requests to protect stores from extra inventory exposure.

Vendors are responsible for providing trained Brand Ambassadors for an approved demo event.

A store has the option to use its employees as Brand Ambassadors for specific vendor demos and charge a fee for that service. Demo Wizard can collect and transfer the fee (less handling charge) to the store automatically

No surprises or disappointments

The store demo calendar is synchronized for all individuals responsible for producing the specific flawless sampling event. For example - Category managers only see demo calendars for the products in their categories.

Automated email notifications to a specific person responsible for a specific step in the demo production workflow. For example - Store buyers are notified only when a demo of their products is approved.

Maximize your customer engagement.

Promote the schedule of upcoming events on your store website and social media accounts.

Publish images of customers participating in the store demo events

Gain Marketing Intelligence

Brand ambassadors report demo sales results online. The reports include qualitative customer feedback for the products promoted during an event.

Verify demo sales results against POS data to assess vendors’ performance and products’ compatibility with the store demographics.

According to Food Marketing Institute, online retailers enjoy 2.7 times higher average Sales Per Customer Transaction than traditional supermarkets. The cause of this disparity is Low Customer Engagement!

Native digital retailers are skilled in designing websites to grab and hold visitors’ attention, engaging them with a product that is easy to find and information that is easy to read and digest. They are designed to help visitors discover more than they came for.

Traditional stores are designed for shoppers to replenish their regular purchases on their weekly schedule and leave. This low-engagement retail marketing strategy results in low Sales per Customer Transaction (aka Sales Per Customer)

Demo Wizard is a high-engagement retail marketing solution fueled by vendors’ marketing budgets to leverage traditional retailers' face-to-face connections with their customers. Experiential marketing events translate into faster product sales growth, increased customer engagement opportunities, and a memorable customer experience that leads to word-of-mouth marketing opportunities.

Demo Wizard is a web-based, stand-alone retail marketing solution that does not require any integration with your retail management systems. We believe that you shouldn’t need an IT degree to get the most out of retail marketing automation. Demo Wizard provides a straightforward store demo management experience that’s easy for anyone to use.

From scheduling coordination to inventory checks before each store demo, Demo Wizard takes care of the hard work while you focus on providing a world-class customer experience. While our technology is advanced, Demo Wizard’s intuitive interface offers ease of use for all retailers and their teams.

$89 per month helps to bring more customers to your store more often, keep them shopping longer, and increase their average transaction value every visit.

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