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Demo Wizard accelerates retail sails. Promomash manages field marketing and merchandising.

Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator vs Promomash

In the competitive landscape of consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, increasing sales velocity at retail stores and reducing the cost of new customer acquisition are paramount. Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator and Promomash are two platforms that have emerged as game-changers in this arena. Both platforms offer distinct strategies to boost sales, but they approach the challenge from different angles.

Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator emphasizes the power of in-store demos, turning each event into a sales-driving opportunity. It's about creating impactful interactions that lead directly to purchases.

While Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator focuses on maximizing the impact of in-store demos to drive sales, Promomash provides a comprehensive toolkit that addresses various facets of retail, from in-field marketing to trade promotions.

In this article, we'll look into the specifics of each platform, shedding light on their strengths and how they can serve different brand needs.

Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator: Turning Demos into Sales 

Scheduling and managing in-store demos or sampling events can be time-consuming. However, with Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator, this process is significantly faster, allowing brands to focus on other crucial aspects of their marketing strategy.

One of the standout features of Demo Wizard is its approach to brand ambassador management. CPG brands and agencies that use Demo Wizard not only spend less on recruiting and training brand ambassadors but also ensure these ambassadors have a better experience.

This is because brand ambassadors earn more and receive their payments faster with Demo Wizard. Due to the fact that most of these individuals are independent contractors, the platform helps them optimize their time and availability, allowing them to spend more time selling and less time on unpaid administrative tasks.

Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator believes in the potential of every moment. It's not just about showcasing a product; it's about leveraging social media to invite more shoppers to the event and using technology to extend the selling period well beyond the physical hours of the sampling event.

Key Highlights:

Optimized Event Management

With Demo Wizard, demo planning goes beyond the basics. It ensures that, from product placement to staff readiness, every element is primed for success. It's easy and quick to set up a demo or sampling event using Demo Wizard.

Unified Communication: 

The platform understands the importance of everyone being in sync. Whether it's brand ambassadors, store managers, buyers, or distributors, Demo Wizard ensures clear communication across the board.

Optimized Brand Ambassador Management: 

These individuals play a pivotal role during demos. The platform provides them with tools and insights to be more effective, ensuring they represent the brand in the best light.

Brands spend less on recruitment and training as ambassadors earn more and are paid faster. As a result of the platform, all stakeholders can schedule and coordinate more efficiently, ensuring the best use of their time and availability.

Insights at Your Fingertips: 

Making decisions based on data is the way forward. Demo Wizard offers detailed analytics, helping brand and field marketing managers understand what's working and where there's room for improvement.

Consistency and Reliability: 

The platform is built to ensure that every demo is consistent in quality and execution, minimizing potential disruptions or hiccups.

Customer-Centric Approach: 

It's about the customer. Demo Wizard ensures that every attendee leaves with a positive impression, making them more likely to purchase.

Economical Pricing:


Not only does Demo Wizard offer a more cost-effective solution compared to its competitors like Promomash, but it also provides a free trial for CPG brands to test and experience its features firsthand.

Promomash: Streamlining Retail Operations

The marketing strategy of Promomash focuses on retail management as a whole. It's not just about one aspect of retail. It's about providing brands with a suite of tools that address multiple challenges, ensuring a smoother, more efficient retail operation. The platform's versatility is evident in its ability to cater to a wide range of retail needs, from field marketing to trade promotions. 

By offering an integrated solution, Promomash ensures that brands have all the necessary tools at their disposal to navigate the ever-evolving retail landscape. Its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has made it a trusted choice for many brands looking to enhance their retail operations.

Key Highlights:

Integrated Field Marketing: 

Promomash offers tools that help brands manage their field marketing activities, ensuring that campaigns are executed effectively and resonate with the target audience.

Efficient Broker Management: 

Working with brokers can be a complex process. Promomash simplifies this, providing tools that help brands coordinate with brokers, track performance, and ensure alignment with brand goals.

Brand Ambassador Support: 

Recognizing the crucial role of brand ambassadors, Promomash offers features that support their recruitment, training, and management, ensuring they're well-equipped to represent the brand.

Trade Management Tools: 

Promomash provides brands with tools to manage trade promotions, track performance, and ensure that campaigns deliver the desired ROI.

Dedicated Support Team: 

Known as the Client Happiness and Success (CHAS) Team, Promomash offers dedicated support to brands, ensuring they get the most out of the platform and addressing any challenges they face.

Comparative Analysis: Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator vs. Promomash

When choosing a platform, understanding how they compare in various aspects can be invaluable. Here's a side-by-side look at Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator and Promomash:

Primary Focus: 

Unique Strength:

  • Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator: In-store sales velocity acceleration tools.
  • Promomash: Integrated approach to retail tasks.

Data Utilization:

  • Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator: In-depth demo performance analytics.
  • Promomash: Broad retail operation insights.

Brand Ambassador Support:

  • Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator: Streamlining training and optimizing time for premier brand ambassadors.
  • Promomash: Recruitment, training, and management tools.

Trade Management:

  • Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator: Not a primary focus.
  • Promomash: Comprehensive trade management tools.

User Experience:

  • Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator: Tailored for brand managers and demo coordinators.
  • Promomash: Designed for broader retail management.

Platform Accessibility:

  • Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator: Web and Mobile.
  • Promomash: Web and Mobile.

Customization Options:

  • Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator: Demo-specific campaign customization.
  • Promomash: Wide-ranging retail customization.

Support & Training:

  • Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator: Support dedicated to reducing customer acquisition costs throughout and following in-store demo events.
  • Promomash: CHAS Team for integrated support.

Free Trial Availability:

  • Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator: Yes.
  • Promomash: No.

User Perspectives on Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator and Promomash

While feature comparisons provide a technical perspective, hearing from actual users offers a more practical insight into how each platform performs in real-world scenarios.

Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator User Feedback:

Here are some reviews of Demo Wizard from both Trustpilot and Software Advice:

Demo Wizard Trustpilot Reviews:

Chris (Mar 2, 2023): "Demo Wizard is a great platform to manage tastings in the beverage industry. Our company has been using Demo Wizard for a few months, and we have nothing but good things to say about our experience. Setup is extremely easy, and the program is straightforward. Technical issues have always been solved with ease!"

Donna Trevethan (August 31, 2022): "I have been a brand ambassador for over 20 years and hands down this is the best and quickest app to set my availability dates, see my scheduled demos, quickly enter reports and see when payment has been sent out.

I work for many companies and have to deal with schedulers, editiors and payroll. This can be very time consuming for me and I tend to not work for the companies that don't have apps to take care of this.

I would like to see more demo companies use this app. It would make my job much easier.”

Demo Wizard Software Advice Reviews:

Holly (Consumer Goods, 2-10 employees): "Overall, I really like using this technology. As a Brand Ambassador specialist, it makes monitoring and managing demos simple. Among my favorite features is the ability to submit availability and to accept new demo requests, all through the portal. Online reporting is great. I love entering photos, comments, receipts, sales, and expenses, all in one place."

Gary (Food & Beverages, 2-10 employees) “The software was easy to get set up to use This system is easy to use and the billing was simple to set up. I did have an issue in the beginning, it was my error and customer service was able to guide me there to correction.”

Promomash User Feedback:

Here is the only user review from Software Advice on Promomash.

Jessi (Consumer Goods, 11-50 employees, Used daily for less than 12 months): 

Pros: "Promomash has allowed us to greatly expand our demo program since the software tracks the brand ambassadors and 200+ events and reporting. It also tracks trade spend and distribution deductions - overall we make more money back than we spend on Promomash."

Cons: "It's a bit expensive for a small brand."

This review provides a positive perspective on Promomash, highlighting its capabilities in tracking brand ambassadors, events, and trade spending. The user also mentions the cost factor that can be difficult to afford for startups and smaller CPG brands. 


In the dynamic landscape of retail and brand promotion, the tools a CPG brand employs can significantly influence its market presence and sales trajectory. Both Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator and Promomash have carved niches for themselves, catering to specific needs within this domain.

Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator is recognized for its efficiency in scheduling in-store demos and its economical approach, especially concerning brand ambassador management. Its focus on quick event setup, cost-effective pricing, and ensuring brand ambassadors are well compensated and paid promptly makes it a preferred choice for many brands that prioritize in-person product demonstrations.

Promomash offers a platform that addresses various retail needs, from field marketing to trade promotions. With its set of tools, brands can coordinate their retail activities, aiming for consistency in their operations.

Ultimately, the choice between Demo Wizard Sales Accelerator and Promomash will depend on a CPG brand's specific needs and objectives. Both platforms offer valuable features, and brands should consider their unique requirements and priorities when making a decision.