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Marketing managers often use in store promotions to stimulate sales of the products and improve customer experience in brick and mortar stores. There are many good reasons for doing it. It takes a lot of effort to place products on the brick and mortar store shelves.

Unfortunately it does not guarantee that the shoppers will notice your product, hiding in plain view among your competitor’s products. And even if they do notice your product, what would make them choose to buy it, instead of the one they “always” buy?

Advertising can be expensive. Even if you do everything right, the impact of advertising investment on the product sales and the brand exposure in any given market and period is very hard to measure. Friendly person, who invites shoppers to experience your product and tell them what separates it from the competition, can make a drastic difference in generating ongoing customer demand.

The key to a successful in-store sampling is the report brand ambassadors complete after the end of the event. Collecting consistent, meaningful and timely information after the demo is over, is not as simple as it sounds. That is where Demo Wizard web based reporting functionality shines as it assists brand ambassadors in pre-population of demo specific information and guides them through the process to make it a breeze rather than a chore. The quantitative data from these reports is collected for export and analysis to help you make the following in-store samplings even more effective by selecting days and times to generate even higher sales and exposure of your products.

Coordination of the events, brand ambassador availability and store’s permissions is challenging to start with. When you try to do it with spreadsheets, calendaring or labor scheduling tools that are not in-store demo process specific, the efforts and costs start to make you wonder if the “juice is worth the squeeze”. Demo Wizard handles all of these, plus complexities of brand ambassador compensation and tax reporting, with ease and simplicity. That means you invest your marketing money into boosting sales results, instead of administration overhead expenses.

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This free plan for in-store sampling event management software enables you to schedule up to five demos per month at multiple locations and manage multiple brand ambassadors. It includes a comprehensive online attendance verification and post sales reporting.  Enjoy full functionality of Demo Wizard Sales Booster as long as you need it.

If and when you decide to run a higher number of demos consistently, we can upgrade your plan to help a single coordinator to manage hundreds of demos per month across the country and beyond, at an economical price.