Maximize In Store Sampling ROI with Demo Wizard

Plan and execute multiple in-store demos per month

Retail in store sampling is an excellent way to introduce new products to shoppers through demonstrations and sampling. Many CPG brand managers, field marketing managers, startup founders, and retail sales directors find in-store sampling to be a highly effective form of word-of-mouth marketing. It enables brands and retailers to engage prospective and existing customers while adding a social aspect to how products are introduced.
“Research carried out by Shopify shows that 40% of brands considered retail in store demos to be a key objective in the next year”
in store sampling and in-store demonstrations allow create positive customer experience and promote word of mouth marketing
Demo Wizard is a hands-on event management software that simplifies the painstaking work of demo coordination in-store demonstrations with the goal of maximizing ROI. Our free in-store sampling software helps aggressive brand builders shelve products in more brick-and-mortar stores and scale their field marketing from a few demos to (potentially) hundreds per month.
Foster an authoritative footprint in traditional retail stores with well-coordinated demos
Are you a CPG field marketer or emerging brand manager? Planning in-store sampling and demonstrations of your products manually can be hectic, expensive and sometimes even impractical. Demo Wizard is designed to help you succeed by empowering you to drive the best customer acquisition results while also gathering crucial product feedback. Perform more product demos while tracking improvements in foot traffic, revenue, and brand recognition. If you are a CPG products marketer, Demo Wizard is designed to help you get more done - more efficiently.

Get Measurable, Tangible Results with In-Person Retail Store Promotions

Demo Wizard simplifies in-store demos and allows you to better use brand ambassadors to reach your product goals.
Simply placing your products on brick-and-mortar store shelves is hardly ever enough. There are no guarantees that shoppers will notice your products - hiding in plain view among your competitor’s products. And even if they do notice your product, what would make them choose to buy it, instead of the one they “always” buy? While advertising could help, it can be very expensive and results may be very hard to measure. A friendly person, who invites shoppers to experience your product and tells them what separates it from the competition, can make a drastic difference in generating ongoing customer demand.

Simplify and Streamline Every CPG Promotion

Invest your marketing money into boosting sales results instead of losing it to administrative overhead expenses.
Coordinating in-store demo events, availability of brand ambassadors, and store permissions can be quite challenging. Spreadsheets, calendars, and labor scheduling tools that are not in-store demo process specific are often costly, tedious, and sometimes downright unhelpful. Demo Wizard handles product demonstration tasks along with the complexities of brand ambassador compensation and tax reporting with sheer ease and simplicity.

Disentangle Promotional Scheduling Logistics

Enable effectively planned and executed customer experience marketing campaigns with Demo Wizard.
The logistics of promotional scheduling, planning, and managing the people and processes involved in an effective demo campaign are often manual, time-consuming, and expensive. Demo Wizard provides a simple, but powerful workflow specifically designed to simplify the logistics of coordination of experiential marketing events. This in turn helps grow your product sales faster than the rise in the cost of selling them.

Make Every In-Store Demonstration a Success

Collect consistent, meaningful, and timely information after every demo of product
Demo Wizard’s web-based reporting functionality assists brand ambassadors in pre-populating demo-specific information and guides them through the process to make it a breeze rather than a chore. Quantitative data from these reports - collected for export and analysis - helps you make upcoming in-store samplings even more effective by selecting days and times to generate even higher sales and exposure of your products.

Reduce administrative overheads

Demo Wizard handles the numerous menial and tedious sub-tasks around organizing a successful demo of product. Easily track brand ambassador availability, attendance verification, compensation management, and reporting. Remove administrative tasks to free up your time and resources for other core tasks.

Manage your time more effectively

Seamless calendar integration helps reduce the risk of scheduling conflicts while giving you a better view of your planned in-store demonstrations. This creates room for an organized in-store demonstration that’s focused on key objectives.

Streamline workflows

Run more demos and spend less time making them happen. Demo Wizard automates and streamlines workflow tasks from confirming brand ambassadors, to scheduling, and confirmation of inventory. Easily plan and execute as many as multiple demos in a single month.

Drive Product Sales

Drive sales for products that shoppers can experience in brick-and-mortar stores. In-store demonstrations can increase sales by as much as 2,000 percent. With Demo Wizard, you leverage the power of this promotional method to trigger sales spikes while also building brand loyalty.

Generate Actionable Insights

Gather crucial information from every demo with Demo Wizard’s online reporting feature. Our analytics module allows CPG field marketing teams to identify trending brand ambassadors, select stores and demographics for promotions, and reveal high-performing days. This in turn enables you to invest more intelligently.

Improve Future Demo Performance

Leverage your customers’ authentic opinions to identify opportunities for improvements. Demo Wizard gives you the in-store demonstration support you need to generate valuable insights and use them to improve performance with each subsequent demonstration.

Make your Brand Ambassadors’ Work a Lot Easier

Make the best use of your brand ambassador’s time
Brand ambassadors want to spend their time and energy showing and selling products. Our in-store demonstration software makes their work easier by providing multi-shift scheduling, calendar synchronization, invoice processing, and reporting features. Your brand ambassadors can easily submit availability to accept new demo requests, and enter comments, receipts, sales, and expenses all in one place through the portal.

Find and work with the best brand ambassadors

Recruiting good brand ambassadors can be a challenge. Demo Wizard allows you to identify your best people and give them as much work as possible so they can make more money.

Track brand ambassador availability

Track brand ambassador availability Confirm availability of brand ambassadors in a snap. Eliminate the need to waste valuable time, effort, and money on numerous back-and-forth telephone calls.

Verify Attendance

Verify Attendance Simplifying the task of tracking and verifying the attendance of brand ambassadors through automated check-ins/outs and geolocation timestamps.
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