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IN STore demo Event Management Software

In today’s hyper-competitive world, customers are spoilt for choice. They can choose where to shop and what to buy from almost an infinite array of options. Differentiate yourself from the competition and gain loyal customers with store sampling and product demos that bring your retail marketing strategy to life. Leverage our in-store demos event management software solution to plan and execute in-store sampling and product demonstrations, generate consistent consumer demand, and grow your revenue.

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Store Sampling, Events & Demo Management Solution

Our in-store sampling and product demonstration solution helps brand and
retail marketing managers become more effective and grow their business
with flawless execution of retail events.

A comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of the demo events, e.g., inventory checks so that stores have enough stock to fulfill the increase in demand during demos

Our event management software makes demos run seamlessly with efficient scheduling and coordination between all stakeholders such as the store manager, brand ambassador (demo staff),brand manager, buyer, category manager, and product distributor.

Integrated brand ambassador management reduces turnover and training costs by treating ambassadors' time respectfully and enabling them to earn more without raising your cost.

Data analysis and effective planning to make decisions related to demos for optimal business results, e.g., time slots and store location for demos

Drastically reduce event cancellations and no-shows

Improve the effectiveness of in store product sampling and demonstration campaigns

Do you want to deliver delightful retail customer experiences by leveraging a proven software solution for store sampling and demo management?

Ready to reap the benefits of delivering a superior customer experience – higher sales, revenue, and profitability!

Our software solution empowers managers to deliver high-quality store sampling and demo events. Retail shoppers who experience our demos stay longer in the store, buy larger product quantities, and generate word-of-mouth marketing impact.

As satisfied customers spread the word, more shoppers come to the store, and products gain new customers.

Grapevine in-store sampling and demo management platform for brick-and-mortar retailers, product vendors, and marketing agencies improves the effectiveness of sampling and demo events. It enables retail businesses to gain a competitive advantage.

Are you interested in creating delightful customer experiences and generating a positive word-of-mouth marketing influence?

Increase sales per square foot in your stores

Testimonials & Reviews Section

Ready to reap the benefits of delivering a superior customer experience –
higher sales, revenue, and profitability! You don’t have to take our word for it.

“We have a lot more demos since Demo Wizard and they run more smoothly since everyone is in communication. I can even approve demos on my days off from my phone. Its great!"

​“Setting demos with Demo Wizard became so much easier and less time consuming than it used to be. I only wish more stores use it to manage their scheduling."

​“Store employees are rarely surprised now ​to see me coming to do a demo. Thanks to Demo Wizard everybody knows about it. ​Shortage of products to sell during a demo is no longer a problem either."

FAQ: Demo Wizard Software

What is Grapevine Marketing Solutions?

Grapevine Marketing Solutions is a company that provides technology and services for managing experiential marketing events in brick-and-mortar stores.

What or Who is the Demo Wizard?

A family of software tools called Demo Wizard is used to manage in-store experiential marketing activities like product sampling and demonstrations.

What is Demo Wizard for Retailers?

Demo Wizard for Retailers is a collaborative management platform that enables retailers to partner with their vendors, distributors, brokers, demo companies, and brand ambassadors to conduct a high volume of in-store experiential marketing events. The collaborative platform is a type of technology that works like an online marketplace, where different actors can coordinate their activities and exchange payments to sell more goods and services.

What is the Sales Booster?

CPG companies use Sales Booster for Product Vendors to manage their brand ambassadors, who do in-store sampling and product demos.

What is Demo Wizard for Demo Company?

It is a complete event management software suite for in-store marketing companies that schedule and coordinate experiential marketing events on behalf of CPG brands.

What is a brand ambassador?

In the context of in-store marketing, a "brand ambassador" is a salesperson that the brand has hired to get people to experience its products.

Do you do demos at…?

Grapevine Marketing Solution is not directly involved in conducting demo events. Still, we partner with quality in-store marketing companies that use Demo Wizard technology to conduct demos in specific regions. 

How much does it cost to use it?

Each product has its own flat subscription fee, which can be found on the pricing page. That means the cost of use does not depend on the number of users or transactions.