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Field Marketing Help Brands to Create Consumer Demand

When it comes to marketing in the retail space, lead generation is important, but perhaps more important is demand generation. Creating customer demand means providing shoppers with a reason to desire a product, and many times, field marketing is the solution for making this happen. Creating demand often starts by providing a memorable shopping experience, and many retailers find that store sampling events are an effective way to deliver these moments.

Why is Field Marketing Effective at Demand Generation?

Field marketing events like retail retail store sampling opportunities and product demo showcases help CPG brands generate demand for a few reasons. First, they give shoppers a hands-on experience that can’t be provided through a website or even an online video. In a nutshell, it’s the personal touch that matters, and the one-on-one interaction shoppers have with brand ambassadors during a retail store demo is something that the Internet simply can’t provide. Second, a demo of products creates a sense of urgency for shoppers. The product is right there in front of them, and the shopper just had a chance to sample the product. This is a prime opportunity to capitalize on the moment because as long as the store sampling event is going as planned, the shopper should finish the event wanting more. With the experience still fresh in the shopper’s mind and the product available at the moment, the sales process becomes easier because demand has been built into the interaction. Lastly, field marketing and store demos get shoppers talking. Looking at Costco as an example, many consumers know Costco not for its warehouse shopping experience, but instead, they think about the chain’s product sampling and demo events. This creates demand for both CPG brands and retailers since the sampling event is the driving factor to get shoppers in the door. Once inside, a store demo can provide an experience that can promote word of mouth marketing opportunities and demand.

Marketing Ideas for Your Retail Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t considered investing in store demo events as a way to generate demand and promote WOM marketing opportunities, below are some marketing ideas to help you firm up your retail marketing strategy:

Hold Dedicated Demo Days Regularly

One way to make the most of your investment in store sampling events is to work with a retail demo management solution like Demo Wizard to plan out regular events. You can promote these demo days so that shoppers in your store’s local area come to know your location for its store sampling events, much like Costco in the example mentioned above. This strategy works well because it allows your store to build up demand online and through print collateral during the week or month leading up to each event. When consumers in your store’s area come to expect demos at your location, they will be more inclined to stop in to see what’s new during their normal shopping routine.

Consider Themed Field Marketing Events

In-store sampling can also generate demand when you use themes for your events. Each sampling event could be centered around a particular type of cuisine, and this can be a motivating factor both for fans of certain types of food as well as those who want to try something new. You could even take things a step further and prepare recipes using the products being demonstrated. Print out recipe cards and hand them out at each event. When shoppers read over your store’s recipes, they’ll realize that they’re likely missing an ingredient, meaning the product being demoed, and this can generate demand. One nice thing about this approach to your retail marketing strategy is that you don’t have to be rigid in your promotion. When you work with Demo Wizard, your retail store’s schedule of demo openings is shopped to CPG brands looking for locations. If you decide that July will be Italian food month but you’re presented with an opportunity to demo a new Asian cuisine brand, you can find fun ways to put a twist on your theme to combine the two types of food to get customers talking.

Host a Cooking Class Alongside a Store Demo

If you really want to drive demand by holding a demo of products, consider hosting a cooking class alongside your product demo showcase. The class should feature the product being demoed, but you can look for other ways to market the event to make it fun and interesting. This is sure to get people talking, it will drive demand for the product and it also has the potential to increase word of mouth marketing as your store will be a destination for shoppers in the community who want to experience a unique take on the traditional in-store sampling event. It may take some additional time to plan out and prepare for a cooking class, but when you partner with Demo Wizard, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your store sampling management is being handled by experienced professionals who can take care of the hard work for you.

Learn More About Driving Demand With Field Marketing Today

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