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Top 5 Retail Marketing Ideas for 2023

2023 is here, and we’ve got no time to waste! The new year brings new challenges and big opportunities for retailers, but you’ve got to get your retail marketing strategy together now to avoid being left behind. We’ve seen a lot of changes in retail over the past few years, but now it’s time to really dig in, look for innovative solutions, and do everything you can to get shoppers in the door and stay longer in your stores.. The good news for you is that there are plenty of ways to achieve your goals, and many of them are easier to implement than you think.

We’ve spent countless hours combing through research, trends, and data to put together a list of the five best retail marketing strategies for 2023, and you can use our tips to get customers talking about you, improve sales per square foot, and deliver a better customer experience that will keep shoppers coming back in the new year.

If you’re looking for a retail marketing solution in 2023, consider these five strategies:

1. In-Store Displays

While digital technology certainly has its place in retail, marketing for retailers in 2023 looks like a return to the personalized service customers have been craving. Everyone has been isolated and separated over the past few years. Many people are finding comfort in the small details that make a shopping trip more personal, meaningful, and memorable. The key to delivering on this, however, is ensuring that your store also caters to the needs of those who prefer to keep their distance.

To bridge this gap, in-store displays are the perfect combination. In-store displays are often touchless, and even when you have an interactive display, such as a display that shoppers can take photos with or that includes tear-away contact forms or coupons, contact can still be mitigated. Vendors often provide materials for in-store displays, but you can also create your own to promote products and sales.

One way to be really successful in the use of in-store displays is to curate collections. You can include products that pair well together in a display as part of an in-store promotion. You can also make a game out of your displays where clues are hidden around the store in the form of displays leading shoppers to a product or section. This creates a memorable customer experience that is unique to your store for more significant WOM marketing opportunities and gives shoppers a reason to spend more time looking through your selection.

2. Store Demos

Nothing beats a store demo when it comes to engaging shoppers and converting them into customers. In fact, store sampling should factor heavily into your 2023 in-store marketing plan, as field marketing is a proven way to convert shoppers into customers. Don’t believe us? Just ask Costco!

CPG brands are ready to showcase their products, and while you may think that putting together a store demo is a hassle, it doesn’t have to be when you use a retail marketing solution like Demo Wizard. We often hear from overworked retail executives who say that they’ve just given up on hosting store demos because they don’t have the time or labor to invest, and even if they did, what difference does it really make anyway? Do store demos really move the needle?

Our team is always glad to get this reaction because it gives us the opportunity to show not only how easy it can be to host a store sampling experience using Demo Wizard but also get to demonstrate how profitable store demos can be. Did you know that keeping shoppers engaged through store demo experiences can reduce attention-splitting? Research has shown that mobile phone usage in stores is on the rise, and this can lead to competitor marketing right inside your store. In-store marketing experiences provide a way to capture and hold attention, increase consumer demand, leading to more time spent in your store and more products being purchased.

Store demos also provide support for omnichannel marketing. Consumers are going to continue to shop online, so use this to your advantage by tying a store sampling demo experience in with social media. While Demo Wizard automates demo scheduling, coordination, and brand ambassador management for you, your marketing team can focus on letting your store’s online followers know about the event to ensure a greater crowd. When shoppers arrive, encourage them to take photos of the event and share their pics on social media to get friends and family to stop by.

Do you want to see how easy it can be to get all of the advantages of a store demo without all the hard work? Schedule your free demo today to receive an up-close look at the power of Demo Wizard!

3. Offer BOPIS as an Option

One of the biggest shifts in retail in 2023 is the move toward “buy online, pick up in store” (BOPIS). This trend has been going on for a while now among larger retailers, but small- and medium-sized retailers are now recognizing the value and convenience this provides to customers as well. In fact, BOPIS may be one way to combat porch pirates in the age of home delivery. Do you realize what a hero you’ll look like when you save the day for a customer?!

Aside from saving customers from package-swiping criminals, BOPIS gets shoppers in your store. This should be your main concern in the age of online shopping. When someone has a million options to order something online, you want them to buy from you so that you can get that shopper into your store where you can then “WOW!” them with a customer experience that will get them talking.

When you offer BOPIS, shoppers come to pick up their orders, and you have the chance to sell more products. Just like with store sampling experiences, the key to retail marketing in 2023 is to get shoppers to spend more time in your store. If you don’t offer BOPIS options, you will lose out on valuable in-person marketing opportunities, and shoppers will continue to buy online anyway, so why not take advantage of these opportunities right now? Your competition is certainly going to be doing everything possible to capture these shoppers, so don’t let these retail marketing opportunities pass you by!

4. Focus on Sustainability, Not Consumerism

Sustainability has become the name of the game for Gen Z shoppers and younger Millennials. In a rough economic climate where every dollar counts, marketing sustainability practices and sustainable brands will go a long way in capturing these consumers. Gen Z and younger Millennials not only care about sustainability, but they really care about supporting sustainability. This key differentiator is important to recognize.

You can include a sustainability angle in your retail marketing strategy in 2023 by promoting any efforts your store has made or any pledges your executives have made toward sustainable practices. These can be things as simple as donating to sustainable initiatives, but they can also be as large as making the transition from plastic bags to paper or even bring-your-own bags.

There also tends to be a negative sentiment surrounding consumerism with Gen Z and younger Millennial shoppers. Promoting less consumerism and more sustainability means shoppers are more likely to view your store as a partner in supporting the causes they care about.

5. Have a Voice Online

To support your in-store field marketing efforts, you also want to ensure that your store has a voice online. Monitor social media platforms by searching for your store's reputation. Look for both positive and negative experiences that people are posting about. Try to take steps to rectify negative experiences, and always thank shoppers for leaving feedback about positive experiences. Engagement is the key here, and even if you don’t have a dedicated social media manager, you can still take time each day to interact and engage shoppers on the web.

This supports your retail marketing efforts by meeting customers where they spend their time, but it can even help in-store marketing as well. As we mentioned above, people use their phones while shopping. They look up reviews, use social media, and compare prices. You don’t want a shopper to come across negative feedback that hasn’t been remedied while in your store, but when you take proactive steps to engage customer experience feedback on social media, you can ensure your store’s reputation shines 24/7.

This Year is Going to Be Great for Retail!

At Grapevine Marketing Solutions, we’re powered by positive thinking and a dedication to client satisfaction. You’re going to face challenges in 2023, but we believe in the resilience of the retail community. Some of the most amazing people work in retail, and we should know – our retail marketing solution, Demo Wizard, has helped stores achieve greater productivity, increase sales, and engage customers on a deeper level. We know what it takes to automate the store demo experience, and we can help your retail organization get 2023 off to an amazing start while supporting you all year long.

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